With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health condition each year, it is no surprise that there is a move in improving individuals awareness of mental health.

Our suite of Mental Health qualifications delivered by experienced Gardant Trainers start at level 1 with a simple half day awareness qualification; through to our own NLP Therapy Qual culminating with the Level 3 Award in Mental Health at Work and the Full NLP Therapist course. Each of these qualifications builds on each other, culminating in the learner being able to undertake simple mental health conversations at work and helping to identify problems and further help and advice.

Guided learning hours: 1 day course

Cost: From £49 pp

Who is this for: Level 1 Award in NLP Mental Health Awareness is the ideal introduction to understanding your own mental wellbeing. The qualification covers the most common mental health conditions and gives you coaching tools and interventions to help someone who is suffering, their contributing factors, and how to improve your mental health and achieve your goals.

What will you learn

1. Eye Scan Patterns. Identify the emotional and Analytical Left and Right hemispheres of the brain to help someone change their perception of a problem.

2. Language Reframing. let go of limiting negative beliefs or problematic memories in under 15 minutes

3. The 5 Questions. Using just language and questions helps someone change their emotional response to a problem.

4. Perceptual Positions. See someone else perspective on a conflict and get a peaceful resolution every time.

5. Goal Setting. Using NLP to let go of the pst limiting beliefs to clear the way for your goals.