Security Services


Whether you own a business with premises that you want to keep safe, or just want an additional layer of security for your home, our keyholding service is ideal for protecting your property and belongings.

Alarm Response

Alarm calls are a natural part of owning a business, especially if you have premises that are empty for significant periods of time.

It is imperative that business owners have a plan in place to respond to alarm activations quickly and safely, while ensuring the health and safety of staff.

Mobile Patrols

While there is a clear benefit to CCTV and other forms of static security for businesses, many businesses find that mobile security patrols are the most effective way of deterring criminal activity on their premises. 


CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring is one of the most popular ways for businesses to protect their property, staff and customers. A CCTV monitoring system allows for the constant surveillance of your premises, in a more efficient way than manned security can manage alone. 

Business building

Vacant property security

Empty properties can be an easy target for vandalism, theft or arson, making it difficult for business or property owners to enjoy peace of mind during breaks in construction or development.

K9 Security

Choose our K9 security unit to add an extra level of protection to your existing security detail, or deliver the perfect visual deterrent against criminal activity.

Event Security

Owing to the wide-ranging needs of different types of venues and occasions, security for events, public houses and nightclubs must be tailored to the individual requirements of each venue or situation.

Door Supervision

Door supervisors are the first and last point of contact your customers have with your business, and could be the final factor that decides whether you have a one-off or regular customer.