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Manned guarding

Gardant has a strong background in providing manned security services. As a leading provider to the renewable energy sector we have experience in securing both small and large high risk asset-rich projects.  Gardant are SIA ACS approved for Manned Guarding, Door Supervision and Key Holding

We have adapted to an ever changing security environment, being able to offer our clients a strong traditional manned presence as well as the latest in mobile CCTV towers and motion detectors.

Prior to Gardant deploying security personnel we undertake a site assessment, noting not only the site specific risks and vulnerable points but those of the surrounding community/area as well. Knowledge is power and at Gardant we do our homework, establishing an understanding of local crime statistics and patterns allows us to better protect your premises and assets. We are proud of our relationship with the emergency services and have a strong working relationship with the Police. Sharing information on suspicious incidents ensures not just that we have the latest information but when required we have that additional support from the police to further deter any wrong intentions.

Pro-activeness is key to our success, from asset inventory and perimeter checks to high visibility patrols we believe in good practice rather than just reaction to an incident.

Gardant understands that the prevention of theft is a big part of our security officers' role. However, criminal damage, protesting and trespassing are just as important. We have secured unwanted developments in close-knit communities and experienced the challenges that come with this. Building a rapport with the community and delivering a professional response to complaints and enquiries has assisted our clients in calming local residents.

Gardant on-site documentation provides our clients with an on-site attendance record (which can be used to roll call in the event of an emergency), a daily risk assessment (as so many projects are a changing environment), incident reports providing full review of any event and an officer report log, detailing all actions carried out by Gardant personnel and notes of any suspicious activities or findings


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“Over the past 22 months of working together, Gardant has earned the trust and respect of our team by delivering consistent, outstanding service. When you’re working with Gardant, it feels more like a partnership than a client-supplier relationship. It goes beyond security; I know Oliver and his team have our interests at heart and that they’re always looking to add value.”

Nikos Sokos

Projects Implementation Director